seeing as this comes up occasionally all I have to add is this:
- my little brother is gay. I have bias.
- There is significant evidence that it's biological. Specific causes vary - there seems to be a genetic key and a key in initial brain (and hormonal system) growth. There's also some other stuff that's still being studied... so expect more.
- I've known gay rabbits and seen it (or signs anyway) in a bunch of critters. It's "natural" whatever some yokel wants to say otherwise about it.

In many ways I don't consider this any different than the choice to be heterosexual. I wait patiently for countries to come to grips with this and stop making into second class (or even criminals) people who aren't heterosexual.

It's come up a lot - and will probably continue to do so. Our societies allow for far more individual freedom than many even fairly recently in the past. We don't have social restrictions, doctrinal restrictions nor government restrictions artificially restricting what people can do - for the most part - anymore. At least as long as it doesn't harm others. It may be yet a while - there is still a long ways to go before individual people have recovered our agency.

I could easily be wrong in some of this. But I feel better for writing it.


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