Dec. 13th, 2007

From [ profile] iisz and [ profile] slavewench:

Wow - on Tuesday we aimed to get 25,000 Canadians to join the emergency call to Prime Minister Harper to stop blocking the crucial UN climate change talks in Bali - and we hit that target in just 18 hours!! In two days, 71,187 of us have signed the petition, and rising fast - one of the largest online petitions in Canadian history!

The petition ads are running in papers tomorrow, including the Ottawa Citizen and the Calgary Sun. At the Bali summit, it is touch and go - with almost the entire world vs. Canada and the US over whether to accept targets on harmful carbon emissions. The draft agreement changes every hour, with carbon targets dropping in and out. We now have just over 24 hours left for an all-out push to get Harper to do the right thing. Let's ramp it up and hit 100,000 voices by Friday! If you haven't yet, please click below to sign up, see our ad, and then forward this email to everyone you know:

Let's make sure that experts never again give Canada the "fossil" award for worst country in the world on climate change! If you've already told your friends and family about the petition, try calling Prime Minister Harper's office directly at 613 992 4211, or calling the House of Commons toll free on 1 (866) 599-4999 to talk to your MP about getting Parliament to act on this issue. Harper leads a minority government, he shouldn't be able to get away with ignoring the large majority of us who want real action on climate change.

Our incredible momentum is a wonderful and powerful statement about the Canada we all love and want to see - one that does the right thing in the world, whose flag stands for people and principles -- not the short term profits of big oil corporations. Let's forward this email round, blog this issue, talk about it at the dinner table and at work, and get an emergency people-powered movement going that reaches 100,000 by tomorrow!

With hope, Ricken and the Avaaz team

PS - here's some links to more info on this issue:

PSS - here's some info on's work and campaigning:


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