Oct. 30th, 2007

Organic produce 'better for you' (BBC)
Organic produce is better for you than ordinary food, a major European Union-funded study says.

were I to offer a suspicion, passed down to my father who - when he was a farmer - went organic in the beginning of the '70s:
Organic food is superior because the pesticides and treatments are damaging the plants (and animals).
My modern research suggests that exposure to SOME challenge helps strengthen "the breed" as it were too.

and in more health news:
Smoking 'raises psoriasis risk' (BBC)
Blood findings bring malaria hope
- Type O blood means less likely to have severe malaria. There's some wonderful details in this story.

Biofuels 'crime against humanity' (BBC)
A United Nations expert has condemned the growing use of crops to produce biofuels as a replacement for petrol as a crime against humanity.

and jumping a bit:
Schwarzenegger vows to 'hunt down' California arsonists
Schwarzenegger also warned residents to be on the lookout for scammers and price-gouging, saying crooks are trying to take advantage of people at a vulnerable time.

Minister detained at US airport
Britain's first Muslim minister, Shahid Malik, says he is "deeply disappointed" that he was detained by airport security officials in America.
Prejudice is alive and well in the USA. Who knew? (and probably a lot of other places)

Some redemption (as it were) for the US though:
Million back comic for president: Stephen Colbert
Colbert says he will run for both major parties so he can "lose twice"
More than a million people have backed comic Stephen Colbert's fake candidacy in the 2008 US presidential election on social-networking website Facebook.

Oh I do hope he does the official thing. He's very much supporting Rhino party style politics and it's badly needed.

also - Putin compares US shield to Cuba - more of a reminder than a scare. The discussions between Russia and the US have been very friendly on this issue.

Frog killer fungus 'breakthrough'
an interesting example of how a human medicine can cross species.
The scientists involve want this story spread far and wide - hence announcing it to BBC. If you're dealing with amphibians and may have trouble with this invasive fungus - this shows what they've found that works.

A passing

Oct. 30th, 2007 04:23 pm
I've heard that Myrr (of the Island) - who I only met briefly but smiled at the meeting - passed away
Peace and joy to all that knew her - for that she had with her everywhere I saw.

... I know no more and knew her not half well enough. Her life touches a lot of people in the SCA around the Island and the Valley and probably many more worlds as well.


Teunis Peters



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