Sep. 21st, 2007

Taking a short pause from work (at home) to post some funny links. I worked until 2am or so last night... so slept in a bit too much to make it to work in any kind of reasonable time. (1.5-2 hour commute each way - eats up a day quickly)

So not much to say as I'm exhausted.

Hence, links:
Gas Lamp Fantasy (steampunk, ...)
There's some REALLY cool fashion ideas on some of the links here. (Accessories, vintage, victorian/gothy, modern but steampunk-ish, shoes, sewing)
I want to explore more....
There are more than a few folk out there who'd probably enjoy exploring.... *heh*

Velociraptor dino 'had feathers'
Especially for [ profile] breklor...
Yep, they've found bone markings characteristic of where feathers would be. Cool, eh?

This cool plasma drive - looks probable. Perhaps even nuclear rockets will open up (very efficient) now that the old space atomics international agreement is basically dead. More space travel is good :)

And onto drier stuff:
Canadian Dollar Trades Equal to U.S. for First Time Since 1976 - this is ... pretty amazing.
it's actually because Canada's been stable and the US dollar is dropping - but *shrug* it's Very Important change. Whether or not it's nice has yet to be shown.

funny (NWS/imagery) pictures )

World Bank: Helping Countries Combat Corruption: The Role of the World Bank (chapter 6) - interesting reading. Ummm... all fine and well - but how do you combat corruption in the corporate sector?
One of the nice things about Canada is we've pretty much got an Open and transparent government - unlike the US. Both our countries have problems with "corruption" (but here I mean rampant waste, excessive costs of operations and poor management - not the hoarding of resources nor the taking of resources out beyond reasonable costs of operations)

Poverty fuelling rise in aboriginal gang activity: expert
Sorry but no surprise. Dang it - I wish I could do something.

so I'll be off exploring sanskrit a wee bit later. It looks interesting.
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