Sep. 4th, 2007

Some news articles I couldn't resist:

To teachers (there's a few on my list)
Student attendance better in small schools: B.C. research
I'm completely unsurprised. This I suspect more than anything else is why school quality's been dropping for decades. I haven't noticed anything wrong with teacher training or with the quality of teachers for instance *grin* - if anything that's been improving.

(the rest of these are from posts)

Dichotomy and perceptual distortions in absolute pitch ability - basically, having a common tuning is making it harder to recognize near pitches. Being a person with perfect pitch (yes I do - I just don't always pay attention to it) - I can definitely relate. (and link to research here)

Happy 50th Anniversary to The Space Age! (as of October 4th actually)

With the launch of Sputnick on October 4, 1957.
Speculation over The next 50 years...
(conservative with still some incomplete information and probably some incorrect assumption - but still hopefully on the marks *g*)

And more on space:
“Lucky Camera” takes sharpest ever images of stars
(and it’s 50,000 times cheaper than Hubble)



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