Aug. 29th, 2007

My Kind of WORLD!!!!
image here )

and some sad news:
The day the music died - BBC - When Katrina blew her fury across New Orleans in August 2005, she ripped the very heart out of the city. The music.
It sounds like things are slowly rebuilding but this is a great sadness.
There are few places anymore where having a song on your lips and a few friends to share it with is a natural thing. It's a sign of the times that we're forgetting how to speak - because of this.

Odd astrophysics:
Jupiter shield's mixed blessing - BBC - It is a commonly held belief that Jupiter shields Earth from comets or asteroids that might otherwise hit us.

And happy news: (from [ profile] cloven_fruit who is obviously biased *grin*)
Fireside Cafe - this is run by one of my favourite "housemates". For anyone who's ever in Surrey BC, please stop by and check it out ;)

and now something that had me floored - respect, sadness, happiness and odd geeky cheer - all at the same time.
patgund's entry - a special gift -
(connected to "make-a-wish" foundation and more - it's an incredibly touching story)


Teunis Peters



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