Jul. 29th, 2007


Jul. 29th, 2007 03:10 am
I'm going to touch briefly on a subject I'm sensitive about - sizeism (and body consciousness). Now I shouldn't be too vocal as I'm not all that happy with my own body (need more weight lifting! Need more sports!)

but I'll say this - there is no "one true way" when it comes to how people are shaped and why. There is no fixed bar of health that can be blindly applied to eveyone around and there is no standard waste size (or the like) that applies to everyone.

There really ARE people who are big boned. (I am for instance. I'm also slightly overweight - but I also have these ridiculously large bones. Especially my skull. Okay I am operating under the impression that THOSE particular bones are denser (thicker) than most in my body but on the whole? yeah... *wide grin*

generic sizing only fits a narrow group of people. Most are larger and smaller in most proportions. Indeed as most body proportion combinations do not unduly affect survival - there are far more variety than is ever portrayed in media.

There has been talk about obesity being associated with being amongst obese people. There may be factors that support this (common lifestyle - dietary and activity level for instance) but on the whole I suspect that the news of this study will end up being debunked entirely. (I suspect people are also misreading the study - and it itself may be flawed as well but hey - I haven't read it).

But - here's some guidelines I've come across in the years. I should probably practise more of them:

- If one desires to be attractive - the best way is to be comfortable in one's skin.

- no one ever went wrong by being respectful to themselves.

- one should find out what is healthy in one's own life. There are guidelines yes, but at the end of it all it's a closely personal thing.

Ach, but I am a clueless git who's still finding his own way into his skin. Ta!


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