Jun. 30th, 2007

Don't mind the icon but it kind of fits.
I'm lost
piles of gomi.
I'm just sorting through "storage" - and sorting some back to the garage, some to the living room for post sorting and some into my room.

It's kind of fun (but dusty). Sure is nice that it's such a warm sunny day.

[livejournal.com profile] rev3 is moving out. Hope he lives his dreams.
Lead singer of The Billion Dollar Babies is moving out too. He's busy making his dreams come true - quickly.

When one looks at things, one can see the good reality (and possibilities) and one can see the bad reality (and possibilities).
Which one you focus on becomes real.

The sunlight as it filters through the leaves is sure beautiful.

and until (maybe) new roommie moves in - the house will be much emptier soon :)

Walking through stuff is like walking through decades of memories, grown dusty and dull (less sharp) with age.
Some things grow stronger like fine cheese or wine. Some ... are dust.
ihn sh'Allah as some say.

I shall be continue to enjoying the well aged memories and seeing what fine gourmet the new spring shall bring.


Teunis Peters



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