May. 21st, 2007

After moving stuff with [ profile] cleanhead42 (and this awesome 'toonist whose LJ name slips me) it was off for tea.
So we checked out this new tea shop on Commercial Drive:

Morning Glory (1340 Commercial Drive)

And the place is veryvery nice. Good teas and lots of nice organic food.
I sort of accidentally had a dish with tomatoes in it (halal beef flatbread) but it was good. And high quality. And I did not suffer - which confirms the sulfite thingy. (guess I'm going organic)

The place has pretty colours and many nice places to sit and a nice variety of food. A little organic western, a little Indian. LOTS of teas of all kinds. I had the Chai - and their mix is quite nice. Eton mess is quite yum too (meringue, cream, strawberries). Very luxury.

So just thought I'd toss that out for folks on or around The Drive. A few of you all are here :)

For everyone else: It's about the tea. Tea is Thè Awesome! *silly grin*


Teunis Peters



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