May. 16th, 2007

Jerry Fallwell died.
He spent most of a life telling people what he thought Hell meant.
I hope he went to the heaven Jesus taught about.
He'll meet most of the people he railed against.
But he will also learn what he did.

however I hope he's at peace now
and that he leaves no legacy.
No memory outside of his own family.
May the anger, bitterness and rage
be forgotten.
inspired by [ profile] breklor

Korean butcher
I hope their meat is very
fine and good eating.

I went to a Korean butcher last night. (restaurant supply place actually). Good prices!
I bought two weeks of frozen beef sausages and more liver than I know what to do with....

Perhaps it's an artifact of my upbringing but I like to have liver every now and again. Mostly it's the cheapest meat I can find that's still edible.
Especially with onions.
Especially when those onions are grilled in hot chili sauce.
Although adding chili sauce, soya sauce and a touch of cooking wine and grilling the liver in that is very tasty. Spicy too.

Still - meat is life, life is meat. Or something like that.
Ta! :)
Various randomness. - Fundie Bingo
The Rhinos - a truely awesome political party. Miss 'em. I love some of the platform promises.

but some highlights from:
* Imperial British Conservative Party (Australia)
* Sun Ripened Warm Tomato Party (Australia - and just an awesome name)
* Beer Lovers Party (similar names in various EU countries. They actually managed to get seats in several)
* Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party
* Union of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements (Denmark)
* APPD Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany
* Two-tailed Dog Party (Hungary)
* Imperial British Conservative Party (New Zealand)
* McGillicuddy Serious Party (New Zealand)
* The Mad Hatter's Tea Party (New Zealand - and that would be a nice one here too)
* Blokes Liberation Front (New Zealand)
* The Political Party (Norway... *laughs* that's just awesome)
* Partido del Karma Democrático, PKD, ("Party of the Democratic Karma" - Spain).
* Donald Duck Party (Sweden)
* Church of the Militant Elvis Party (UK)
* Death, Dungeons and Taxes Party (UK)
* Official Monster Raving Loony Party (UK)
* American Unicorn Party (USA)
* Regressive Party (USA and sound normal to me)

I'm glad that the United States have some silly parties. If they didn't I'd be scared for their future.
Laughter's life.


Teunis Peters



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