May. 9th, 2007

Still a little sore (head). I think I've got to cut back on me salt. (oddly with my diet in the past, I tended to have low salt.... not anymore)

I'm all in fancies today - suit and tie and all. It's a good bit of fun and it's been a while since I fancied up any. Not much really going on of late as... well I bit off more work than I can handle in the last few weeks and so I'm not doing anything near what I want in my off time.
oh and the bloody banks yarded out a bunch of money in NSF charges for misordered payments. My balance is shot so I'll be paying Dave half way. Glad I've got extra paying work this week though....

And in dating news? No news. At least it's no noose. Nu?
*sigh* at least I've got some ruddy fine friends.

Awesome band from [ profile] e_falki: Faune. (German) Myspace and Youtube vid (Egil's Saga but no relation). All awesome and visually stunning and all. My kind of music.

Found on This has me laughing...
image behind cut )

Now I want to print up a bunch just in case...
oh - if anyone wants a translation from the English text in the picture, please let me know :)

Mindfullness still has me fascinated.


Teunis Peters



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