May. 7th, 2007

Just told my father about this blog :)
*wavies* Hi dad!

(hope he sees this soon... I post a lot)

Digger - has become my new favourite web comic. Deep. "dark". (sometimes because of lack of light). Frequently funny.
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This quote (from this comic) captures this so very well.
No, but evil is still being - is having reason - being reasonable! Mousie understands? Is always being reason. Is punishing world for not being... like in head. Is always reason. World should be different, is reason.

Is only good is not having reason. Little one hugs, no reason. Digger-mousie is giving name to nameless, say "Ed", no reason. Skin-painter paints skin of child, no reason. Just is.

Somehow this explains so much. (the actual references are kind of story-bound but the words as a whole have a meaning to me)
Why do people look for reasons when a person does good?
Sometimes I've done good. Many times I've been cross-examined for it.
And still I wonder - why wonder?

So I come up with a reason:
When I do good (rare as it is) - it is because I am trying to live in a happier world. It also helps that it is something I will not regret - and something I can be proud of.
I also like when others do good - because remembering that good - to others - will sometimes help people see that it is worth it.

All things have a price, perhaps. But sometimes that price is worth paying. Having people smile at you in passing - is a good price. Having a memory of you kept - that is also a good price. The best one of all though - is by doing good, sometimes others continue to do more. That is the best price of all.
'tis a favour for exchange of effort that the load of life be lighter and happier. 'tis not all that heavy to begin with, unless we imagine it so.


Teunis Peters



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