May. 1st, 2007

Happy May Day!

youtube: Summerisle - the maypole dance!


(poor USA - Y'all have to suffer through "Loyalty Day")
Because I take "my people" dreadfully seriously...
from [ profile] e_falki
The BEST version of a Viking Boat Song (Muppets)
Warning: VERY silly.

According to (vid) New Scientist - Rats laugh when tickled... (amongst other stories). There's at least a couple folks here who'd like that... and perhaps some of the vid too. (thanks [ profile] atomicat)

And in really cool cryptography news (from - where the geeks are out on revolt on an entirely different issue *giggle*)
This 600-year old cypher (Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland) was cracked recently. (apparently this chapel is also in Da Vinci Code)
Music video: (more here)
An angel/music cipher that points out 3 notes of the music to The Rosslyn Motet accounting for 70% of the entire cube sequence. It is so subtle a decoy that you are supposed to think it is a musician playing a Harp or Psaltery, but when you look in detail, he is actually pointing strategically at 3 different lines and spaces of a stave of music. Referring to the first 3 cubes rising above his head.

And for REALLY neat biology news: (more from
MSNBC: To Treat the Dead
According to a NewsWeek article, oxygen deprivation doesn't kill patients as much as the resumption of oxygen does. This discovery could bring about new ways of resuscitating people whose hearts have stopped.


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