Apr. 17th, 2007

Just to toss out - the only reasons I didn't become one of these monsters is music - and martial arts. I understand a little too well what it takes - and as long as I have music I'll be okay. If it's any help - this is my real root of PTSD. I've been through a lot of other freaky stuff but this background - in many ways - made me what I am today - for better and worse.
This is also the exact same combination of things that produces terrorists.

One of the things I try to do is small and big things to try and change things. I shan't stop. I don't want anyone to go through the crucible I went through - and I don't want people to be always living in fear.
I would do anything to prevent this kind of tragedy.

Was listening to the radio this morning - to a psychologist/teacher who specialized in dealing with this kind of thing.

- the perpetrator is usually heavily bullied (yes even adults)
- media in the US is at least partially responsible (TV and movies - the culture of violence as an answer)
- it has very little to do with guns (although they make this kind of thing easier)...
- It has EVERYTHING to do with perceived powerlessness.

Want to keep it from happening around you?
Simple enough:
- show caring
- Look out for "your fellow man" as it were.
- Keep an eye out on the forgotten that they are not left behind
- Don't bully.
- Don't be inconsistent in punishments

The answers that people came up with after Columbine were NOT the way.
- BAD: Sidelining the strange (or worse - fearing the strange)
- BAD: psych evaluations for anyone "not normal"
- BAD: protecting the bullies.
- BAD: gun restrictions. (it's disconnected - not an issue here. Now - kids accidentally killing themselves in a home - THAT requires better gun laws - in any society that has them, training and proper storage need to be paramount)

Now I'm going to go back to distractions and other matters. Feel free to comment or not as need be. I could be full of it - I'm not a psych specialist or anything - just someone who's lived through this kind of thing before.

Edit: making this post public if anyone wants to share. Don't know if it's worth sharing or anything but *shrug*
leave the monster in the mask behind - what I heard on my way home suggests that's one nest of disturbing that's going to get much freakier before it's over. (it's not one of the "usual" forms.... reminds me more of (a much milder) Ed Gein than anyone else...
just - drop it world.

Pay attention to the heroes - tragic as it was.
Like this hero (thank you [livejournal.com profile] leswamp)


This story leaves a shiver
and reminds of the strength of a people who've always survived
and carried on - in faith.

Always stand for your principles
and leave the world a better place.


Teunis Peters



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