Mar. 30th, 2007

Here's an interesting article:
Flirting women affect how men view mates: study
The title really says a lot.

As per usual it's a news story. Doesn't say where it's being published. It does sound about right though.
I like the advice at the end:
"This doesn't mean that what is natural in biological terms is necessarily good," he said. "People still have the ability to make choices."
He suggests more awareness of these tendencies can be useful for people in relationships.
"When a man goes out and experiences these twinges of feelings, he should know there is a reason for it, and that it may not be because he is unhappy," he said.
"These behaviours can be superseded and don't have to shape the way we behave."

Not much to add as I'm rather busy. However this came through the wire and it is Interesting!

edit: I like stuff like this because it helps explain underlying instincts - and it's a lot easier to override instincts when one's aware of it. however: I like the local medievalists' response: Flirting is open and friendly communication with no expectations. Lechery is flirting with intentions. Lechery's perfectly fine between folks for whom it's appropriate of course :) Flirting - in this sense - should always be okay.


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